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The Delphi Group
Marianne Sladzinski, Executive Coach
Mobile: 310-741-1091
Office: 856-874-1747

The Delphi Group provides business and leadership consulting and coaching services to organizations of all sizes in all industry sectors.

Here is a sampling of the services we provide. If you need support in any of the following areas, feel free to contact us:

Leadership Development: Leadership selection, performance assessment, appraisal and coaching, career planning, development and training

Employee Development: Performance planning and appraisal, career assessments and coaching

Organizational Development: Assessing effectiveness, strategic change planning, business process improvement strategies

Team Building and Inter-group Relationships: employee relations plus!

Business Services: New business development, proposal coordination and writing

The Delphi Group has expertise in providing Leadership and Employee Developmental Opportunities in the following, among others:
360-Degree Feedback
Action Planning
Building Productive Workplaces
Building Trust
Business Process Improvement
Career Planning and Management
Coaching and Counseling
Coaching Skills
Collaboration and Competition
Competency Based Selection
Conflict Resolution
Continuous Improvement
Counseling Skills
Creating a Vision
Decision Making: Individual and Team
Delegating Effectively
Dimensional Selection
Documenting Work Processes
Effective Negotiating
Effective Presentations
Effective Self-Development
Essentials of Leadership
Facilitating Learning
Giving Effective Feedback
Goal Setting
Human Behavior and Human Relations
Improving Work Processes
Leadership Styles and Motivation
Leading Change Effectively
Listening Skills
Managing Relationships at Work
Meeting Management and Effectiveness
Negotiating Skills
Performance Management
Personal Success Planning
Planning for Change
Problem Solving
Process Observation
Quality Customer Service
Receiving Feedback Effectively
Setting Priorities
Successful Self-Management
Tapping Potential
Team Building and Effectiveness
Team Facilitation
Team Membership
Time Management
Values Clarification
Valuing and Managing Diversity
Work Process Analysis